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Privacy Policy
To comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) this notice informs you of our policy about the information that we record about you:
   What information we collect and store about you
   How we use that information
   How long we retain that information
   Links to Third Parties
   Use of ‘Cookies’

What Information We Collect and Store about You
The information we collect and store about you is that provided by you when enquiring about, commissioning or corresponding about a website:
   Address (sometimes)
   e-mail address
   Telephone number
In addition we record and store:
   Domain name of your website
   Initial set-up cost of your website
   Annual renewal cost of your website
   Renewal date of your domain name
   Renewal date of your annual website subscription
   Receipts for tax purposes
We do not collect any other financial information as payment is received by cheque  or through the BACS and no record of bank name or account details is kept by us.
e-mails containing information, requests and images in connection with your website are stored on Google or Yahoo mail servers.
Although our hosting company's (Vodahost) servers are located outside the UK they hold no personal information about you other than that publicly available on your website.

How We Use that Information
The first four items of the above information are incorporated into your website to facilitate communication between you and prospective enquirers about your products or services. Specific items (e.g. Address, Telephone number) are, however, omitted on request.
These contact details are also used by us to communicate with you, either in response to a communication from you, or initiated by us to acknowledge and respond to communications from you, to raise queries or to provide general information.
Your details are never passed on to a third party.

How Long We Retain that Information
Your personal details and e-mail records are deleted when you cease to be our customer.
All other information is retained during your time as a customer, so that we have copies of correspondence and images sent via e-mail in the event of a computer or server malfunction.

Links to Third Parties
Registration of customers’ domain names is made through White Rabbit Designs and there is no link between the ‘Nominet’ or other register records to our customers.
Our website contains some links to commercial advertisements and to non-profit organisations. They may use technology that automatically collects information about you when you click a link to their website.

Use of ‘Cookies’
‘Cookies’ are small text files that are stored in your web browser when you visit most websites, to facilitate and monitor future use of these sites. Our website uses ‘cookies’ and has been analyzed by Cookiebot as compliant with EU regulations on on-line tracking.
You may, however, instruct your computer to delete ‘cookies’ if you wish.

If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy you may contact us at: