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White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
White Rabbit website designs logo
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Comments (unsolicited) from Clients
By the way they (members of the family) thought it looked very good.

Thank you so much , I hope it will prove to be a good advert for you and that it helps you to get lots of new business. I'm sure it will be very good for me.

Richard - Thanks, this looks brilliant.

Do you (will you) do a similar offer on this if I send you my CV?

See below for USA feedback on the 2 websites! :
     Wonderful website. It brings back great memories.
     It's wonderful! ...  Very nicely done.

Look forward to hearing when registration has gone through - we are happy with the site.

Looks good!

I will be wanting to get another site made up for another business.

Thank you very much for the website. I have had a proper look at it, and am pleased with how you have designed it.

Thank you, Richard, for your work and for your suggestions. I really like the first example of the draft you have made, using Arial. I like the colours. Fine! Everything fine! I am happy with it exactly as it stands ...

Your website has brought us a lot of different business this year from across USA and Europe. I put it down to two things - the font, non threatening and homely and our blurb. It seems to work well. Thanks again.

Thanks for your very good website.

This is looking really good!

... we certainly want to carry on for as long as we are running the B&B. It's been great and helped enormously with promoting our business more clearly.

I am writing to say that I have checked my new website and am very pleased with the entire outcome.

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